Creative Motion, LLC was started by Rachel Shupin, a Stamford, CT mom of two. Rachel has danced at the collegiate and professional levels and also has an MA and EdM in psychological counseling. She worked as an elementary and middle school counselor for 6 years and then became a stay at home mom after her first child was born.

Rachel missed the fun of taking dance classes for herself, and also wanted to share her love of dance with her children. So, she created classes that would meet both needs. Dance with Me, Baby! (walkers/toddlers) and Dance with Me, Baby! Carrier (infants/young toddlers) classes are welcoming, judgment free zones for moms, dads, grandparents, or other caregivers with anywhere from zero to extensive dance backgrounds who want to get a fun dance based workout in while sharing the joy of movement with their children.

Now that Rachel’s oldest daughter is ready for dance classes, Rachel decided to create a class that would provide the foundational dance experience she wants her to have. Creative Motion for 3-4 year olds is a play-based movement class for young children that introduces them to the foundations of ballet, jazz, and hip hop. Children this age learn about their world best through play, so this class meets them at their level and engages their natural creativity and joy as they move. The goal of this class is to teach children the foundations of dance in a child-centered, playful, warm, and welcoming environment so that a love of dance is instilled in them from the very beginning. This is a drop off class, but parents/caregivers are welcome to stay and watch at the side of the room.

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